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Vision & Requirements

Information a finger away, everything in touch

5Gwill penetrate into every element of future society and create an all-dimensional,user-centered information ecosystem. 5G will provide users with fiber-likeaccess data rate and "zero" latency user experience. 5G will becapable of connecting 100 billion devices. 5G will be able to deliver aconsistent experience across a variety of scenarios including the cases of ultra-hightraffic volume density, ultra-high connection density, and ultra-high mobility.5G will alsobe able to provide intelligent optimization based onservices and users awareness, and will improve energy and cost efficiency byover a hundred of times.

5G systems must dramatically outperform previousgeneration systems. 5G should support:

. User experienced data rate: 0.1~1 Gbps

. Connection density: 1 million connections per square kilometer

. End-to-end latency: millisecond level

. Traffic volume density: tens of Gbps per square kilometer

. Mobility: higher than 500Km per hour


Tens of Tbps/km2 traffic volume density

Dense Residence

Gbps user experienced data rate


1 million connections /Km2

Open-air Gathering

1 million connections /Km2


Over 6 persons /m2 super density


Ms level end to end latency

High-speed Train

Over 500km/hhigh mobility

Wide-area Coverage

100Mbps user experienced data rate