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TheChinese Evaluation Group (ChEG) is builtunder the structure of  IMT-2020(5G)Promotion Group. The Promotion Group is established as anon-profitassociation, founded under Chinese law, with its seat in Beijing,China.

ThePromotionGroup works on 5G research & development, pre-standardizationactivities,spectrum issues , technical scheme evaluation, and technical trials.

The major task of ChEG includes: organize andcoordinate Chinese participants on self-evaluation results to 3GPP; registerand participate in ITU independent evaluation activity for formal resultssubmission.

Expert Committee:decide important issues on the research and strategy of the PG.

Security WG: study 5G security key technologies, carry out 5G Equipment Security tests and verifications.

Standards WGs:  interactive with international standard organizations including ITU, 3GPP, etc.

Network Technology WG: study 5G network architecture and key technologies.

5G+AI WG: Carry out research on the requirements, theory and technology of 5G and AI deep integration, and promote the international standardization and industrialization process of 5g and AI integration.

5G Trial WG: carry out 5G trial in China.

5G Transport WG: study key technology schemes of 5G transport network, carry out tests and verifications.

Spectrum WG: work on spectrum related topics.

C-V2X WG: study V2X key technologies, carry out V2X trial.

5G Application WG: study requirements and solutions of integration of 5G and vertical industries, carry out trials and demonstrations, and promote 5G applications.

IPR WG: deal with IPR issues and relevant policy.

Some of themembers will participate in the Group'sevaluation activities are as follows:

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
China Mobile Communications Corporation
China Telecommunications Corporation
China Unicom
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
DaTang Telecommunication Technology & Industry Holding Co. Ltd
ZTE Corporation